Cassiopeia - Marten 68

The ship was designed by Reichel Pugh for the request of Marten Yacht based on the conception of the present owner. The first part of the building process was carried out by the experts of Marten Yacht in Australia. The hull, the deck, the stabilisation inner beams and other smaller parts were manufactured by the most up-to-date carbon resin infusion process. The keel was carved and the main and auxiliary engines were purchased. The yacht was then delivered to Green Marine Ltd., Southampton, Europe where the precise and time consuming jobs were carried out and the building was completed. The engineering, the sophisticated furnishing, the most up-to-date navigation and communication system of the yacht were completed there. Great emphasis was put on the design of the sail by the request of the owner so that the yacht would be able to cope with any circumstances of international races in its category.

The yacht was built according to the European standard. All moving parts of the sail as well as the cat-block and the thruster/bowthruster are controlled by a hydraulic system to provide smooth landing. The sails, with the help of which you can sail at an optimal speed in any circumstances, were sewn by Northsail. Navigation is provided by the most streamlined B&G family. Apart from that several independent navigation and communication systems can be found. Control over all the engineering parts (water systems, water maker, air conditioning, fuel system, light and heavy current systems, safety buoyage) is provided by E-plex system, which gives security over long term sailing.

There are three guest cabins, a proprietary cabin and three washrooms. There is also a kitchen and the saloon is spacious, which provide a nice atmosphere. The shipboard is covered by teak, which ensures safe and comfortable circumstances.
Cassiopeia is a fast yacht, which is equipped with modern technology and elegancy at the same time. The yacht is ready to participate in a match to its category or a world tour while providing luxury circumstances.

Naval Architect: Reichel Pugh Yacht Design

Constructor is: Green Marine Ltd., Southampton

LOA: 20.72 m                         Beam: 5.13 m

Draft (Max): 4.10 m                Draft (Min): 2,20 m

Displacement: 20.80 t            Construction: Carbon/PVC Core


Main: 156 m2                              Furling jib: 98 m2                         Code 0: 207 m2

Genakker 3: 311 m2                 Genakker 2: 460 m2                     Storm Jib, Trysail